Thursday, September 22, 2016

What I've been working on so far

Since I haven't posted yet in the blog I just wanted to make a post that highlights what I've been researching and working on so far. I've been reading articles written by Dr. Robyn Fivush who does a lot of work with studying how storytelling in families helps to create a stronger family, and stronger individuals as well. I have also been looking at different kinds of family trees, including pedigree charts, genograms, and bow tie charts. I have attached some examples of these kinds of charts. I am working on indexing my photo albums and I'll have a post soon that shows my progress.


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  1. alternative trees, diagrams of relationships, via theories of sampling (a much-loved tumblr).

    indexing — alphabetical order, sure, and necessary. but other arrangements too, e.g., thematic (onomasiological) as in Roget's Thesaurus. tag clouds. etc.


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