Sunday, September 18, 2016

past and present Chinese female's lives

After considered problems may cause by the previous topic, I decided to make my topic become clear and simple, also avoid things might related to racial and politics.

My idea is making pairs of images to compare the difference and similar points between past and present Chinese female's lives. It is not only because I am a Chinese, but also China had a long history. I think it will be interesting to show the past and present life after thousands years till now. Although there's a lot of changes, still some customs stay.

Here is the list I wrote for the topic: (still working on it)

1. the value of marriage (past-gold and poultry; present-house and car)
2. the marriage form (past-a man can married with multiple women if he had enough power or wealth; present-one to one marriage)
3. education method (past-women can not go to school, instead learning embroidery and how to be a good wife; present-just like men, now we can go to school even work in company)
4. ......

Here is my first image for the value of marriage:


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  1. interesting article in today's New York Times about decreasing interest in marriage.
    I think worth a look.


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