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Experimentation with type focusing on self-expression and emotion while breaking the rules of typography. #breakingtherules

I am now exploring the different patterns that can be created by using only letter forms. I haven’t left my idea of experimental typography behind too much because to me this is experimental typography. I have been overlapping letters and making abstract shapes and designs just by using a typewriter as my only medium. This is a repetitive process since I mostly type only one letter throughout the entire page. To me this is like weaving patterns together much like a textile artist does. I actually want to do more research on textile patterns because of this. So far I have made over thirty different pieces on small notepad paper and I want to continue to do more. I want to have a book printed through blurb of all of these typewriter designs done on the notepad paper. I even explored using different material such as denim which I found to have a very interesting effect when typed on. I might eventually try using other materials as well such as cotton or linen. I also want to do more patterns on bigger pieces of paper like I had done in the beginning of the semester. I never would have imagined in the beginning that I would be creating these bizarre and interesting typewriter patterns but I am so glad that I did. It brought me completely outside of my comfort zone and into a new way of thinking about design.

Next semester I plan on making glyphs out of these overlapped typewriter patterns. I also want to design a website for my designs and maybe an interactive component to it.

November 2016

For my thesis I want to further explore my interest in typography but find a way to “break the rules” and not be perfect. I am interested in experimenting with type while focusing on self-expression and emotion. During this time I will be continuing to research Dada and Futurist typography because that period of time was about being expressive with type. Since I recently fell in love with typing on typewriters I plan on using as many as I can to create most of my work. I will also do some work on the computer as well. Since I am interested in web design I might be designing a small website as a component to the work at the end of the semester.

October 2016


I have always been interested in typography ever since I can remember. It can be found everywhere and easily catches my attention. It can be found on Posters, billboards, street signs, packaging, books and even in motion graphics. The fact that different typefaces can change the mood of what is trying to be conveyed is interesting to me. All typefaces come in different forms and have unique properties to them.

For my senior year in design seminar I want to further explore my interest in typography and do more research. I am interested in creating an experimental typography project to see how it affects the viewer. I would like to experiment with my knowledge of book arts as well to try and create something interesting.

Taking classes at Montserrat has helped me to explore other mediums and techniques. What I hope to create is something that combines all that I have learned to reflect what I am most interested in.

22 August 2016

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