Monday, September 12, 2016


So I think I'm going to do what was recommended to me in class on Wednesday and still post on my own blog some of my ramblings and other projects, and then post stuff more directly related to my Thesis on here.

That being said, if you're interested in seeing my posts on my other blog here's the link:

In going with the suggestion to make movie posters for things that aren't movies, here's a poster I was working on with the school as the subject for it.

Not my finest work, but it was an experiment. This week I will experiment more with making posters for things that aren't movies.

However, I guess this brings a question in mind, what makes a movie poster different from a regular poster? I guess I need to do some more studying up on this, because I suppose the simple answer could be formatting and the copy that is on it (the credits at the bottom, release date, etc.), but is there a more complicated answer to this? And does this even matter, is it important? I dunno, just some things to think about and research (while still making work)

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