Sunday, September 11, 2016

Picking Up Where I Left Off

Over the summer I went to MASS MoCA and had the opportunity to look at pieces by Sharon Ellis (pictured below). I was captivated by the vibrant colors and I really appreciate how these are hand painted because up until this point all of my work has been designed digitally. This, along with crystalline sculptures by Leah Piepgras, are just an idea of what I've been looking at.

Last semester I grew my own crystals and a question was brought to my attention as to whether they were considered a part of nature or not because I had grown them myself (they didn't occur naturally). I've decided to take this a step further and alter these structures I've created through 3D modeling software. I want to recreate and hopefully print them, showing a defined transformation in their form and composition from "natural" to "designed". I've started this process by examining various modeling software, and I've been given the opportunity to attend a 3D printing workshop later this week.


  1. I thought this would interest you. It's pretty amazing the water crystals that formed after each test that Masaru had done. If you go to the photo gallery it shows the water crystal that formed and under it is what he did to try to alter the crystals. The book goes further in depth into the history behind the cities where he had retrieved the water.

    1. Last semester I briefly touched upon the Koch curve which is the basis for the snowflake fractal, but I hadn't encountered anything like this. Thanks a bunch for sharing, this is so cool!


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