Sunday, September 25, 2016

coming up : panel reviews. 11 dimensions of flatness

panel reviews

I am thinking Wednesday and Thursday evening, 5 and 6 October. Each session probably 30 minutes, before a panel of design (and other) faculty. Eleven students, on two evenings.

11 dimensions of flatness

Hardie 3F wall(s), Wednesday 12 October through Tuesday 25 October.
As discussed previously, if we use the single long wall — total length 54 feet — minus space at both ends, each student gets a little over four feet. If we use both walls, add another 40 feet = 90 feet. each student gets (to be safe) seven feet.

I think the one wall, 54 feet, can be sufficient. Work would go up on Wednesday a.m. 12 October. It must be flat, no significant bumps or extensions off the wall. I will create a grid of black push pins at 18 inches twelve-inch intervals (horizontal and vertical).

The work on wall can be original or curated.

I will determine a standard means of indicating student name, and probably paragraph (minimum) length discussion of the presentation.

The common theme

improvisatory / pop-up exhibit, in which eleven fourth-year students (designers and a book artist)

  1. revisit concepts introduced in their 2D Design foundation class, 3+ years ago
  2. incorporating content — collaged or handled in other ways — that is drawn from, or reflects cultural or other sources with which each student has a strong connection.

The exhibit will suggest to visitors the oscillation between form and content, form and life. An art school might be thought of as a site for the learning about, and experimenting with, the relationship of form (visual, tactile, linguistic, etc.) and content. We can revisit the theme and title this week; I'm wondering, for example, about Eleven Depths of Flat.

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