Wednesday, September 21, 2016

flats. eleven dimensions of flatness. draft


Here is some language for our discussion about an exhibition in the Hardie 3F walls, during the period October 12-25. This period coincides with an "Open House" admissions event.

It tries to stay with the basic idea of 2D (including collage), while not limiting content to the idea of books.

title ideas

revisiting flat
11 dimensions of flat
flat / a return to 2D Design
looking back on flat
11 kinds of flat
11 takes on flat / fourth-year designers revisit flatworld


In this extemporaneous / improvisatory / pop-up / sui-generic exhibit, eleven fourth-year students (designers and a book artist) revisit concepts introduced in their 2D Design foundation class, 3+ years ago.

Formal constraints

flat; straight lines and cuts; an arbitrary grid (?).


wall 1 :
14 x 4' wide homasote, 8' high (actually, end pieces are 35" and 37" wide, respectively)
total: 54 feet

wall 2 :
5 x 4' wide homasote; 3 x 4' homasote; 2 x 4' wide homasote (far end actually 47"); end closest to us (with light switch) is omitted from this measurement
might use this wall for Typography 1, or other design, work

content and concept

We’ve expanded the 2D brief to permit “content” — collaged or handled in other ways — that is drawn from, or reflects cultural or other sources with which each student has a strong connection.

The exhibit will suggest to visitors the oscillation between form and content, form and life. An art school might be thought of as a site for the learning about, and experimenting with, the relationship of form (visual, tactile, linguistic, etc.) and content. Ours might be named Montserrat College of formal experimentation (in the sense of testing).


am wondering about myself establishing a grid (with black push pins at intersections), that people could either ignore or use (or both), but that would ensure a cohesiveness to the wall.

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