Wednesday, September 14, 2016

drunk dictation

During summer I wanted to focus on the investigation of languages which would illustrate the common errors in student writing especially mines. That project would had focus on the use of typography and communication as well as furthering tighten my concept of languages. Although I have scrap that Ideal I will still be using the same structure as before but with a different topic....

Drunk dictation branched off from a Using Images project that focused on making posters THAT REPRESENT MY FAVOURITE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WITHIN BEVERLY, ROSELLE, AND CHINATOWN this help me create my seminar project which will focus on the languages as well as the speech of each victim who is under the influence.
Alcohol can affect many parts of the brain  in which we will focus primarily on the control of speech. The alcoholic effect on speech leads to familiar signs of drunkenness: such as slurred speech, memory lapses and impulsive behavior.  Within these fragmented conversations, will reveal how languages will be perceived under the influence and also their abstracted speech patterns.

Mood Regulation
Almost everyone that drinks alcohols, mood get regulated in some way or form. Alcohol can put someone in a certain mood or maintain an existing one, even if it is unintentional. In such a case some people actually use alcohol to escape from the state where they can  barely tolerate to a state that makes you feel better. 

With the mood chart, I actually need help in deciding on at least 15 moods to showcase for this project . Right about now I have 60. Which is overwhelming.

Later I would include a chart that would show a visual interpretation of how alcohol  change the mood of different victims undergoing the process of mood regulation.

BAC CHART - I did not design the chart below 

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