Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This is a continuation of the BAC chart I showed on monday. Below is the Male scale and the Female scale .

The chart below is an experimentation of an overlay of the male and female chart together. 

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  1. for the comparison male-female, best to make the scale for all blood alcohol levels .0 through 0.38, e.g., 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4… .33 .34 .35 even if not present in the tables, because this makes it easier to compare the genders.

    I think that overlay of the two graphs is too hard to understand. some kind of butterfly presentation, where weight extends out to the left on left side graph, and right on the mirrored graph for the second gender, would make the (startling!) differences more apparent.

    Graphs like this need titles and subtitles, that ease one into understanding them.
    I believe the main purpose of these particular graphs, or at least what they show best, is (1) difference between genders, and (2) the importance of weight (which lighter people should take very seriously, to ensure that they don't get into drinking competitions with heavier/larger people).
    (This is where language becomes important.)

    I wonder if we could lose the background grid, or simplify — think about Tufte's data-ink ratio.
    similarly, I wonder if the curves themselves could become a more prominent feature. for example, maybe for some presentations, e.g., to a wellness center or community health group, we don't need to see the dots for every blood alcohol level, the curves get the point across.


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