Tuesday, September 27, 2016

intoxicated conversations

The 1st 3 posters, represent bits of intoxicated conversations, which are arranged into diagrams and also displays the repetitive speech pattern and memory laps when one is intoxicated.


Below is the continuation of the BAC chart for Male and Female

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  1. top posters look like they might be public service announcements regarding diabetes, which they are not. or are they?

    the word diabetes at lower right feels like a logotype from a distance.

    am thinking about the expression "fractured fairy tales" (from ancient Rocky and Bullwinkle show) : thinking of fractured sentences; fractured diagrams.
    why two diagrams on poster, and not just one?

    the blood alcohol level display still needs title information (examples from The Wall Street Journal. Scale appears to be different for male and female (or am I reading it wrong?).


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