Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Currently thinking for the wall..

I wanted to do an updated version of my Rest in Peace book for the wall.
I started looking up the articles for people that have been killed by the police in 2016. So far I have only gotten through September - July. I was thinking of printed the names, either by letterpress or possibly using a type writer.

Keith Scott, North Carolina
Taiwan Boyd, Maryland
Robert Young, Alabama
Terence Crutcher, Oklahoma
Jesse Beshaw, Vermont
Tyre King, Ohio
Timothy McMillan, California
Terrence Sterling, DC
Dennis Stanley, West Virginia
Travis Ell, Washington
Gregory Frazier, Florida
Donald Degraw, Florida
Jose Romero, California
Cameron Ayers, Washington
Unknown, California
Livonia Riggins, Flordia
Angel Torres Jr, Arizona
Alfred Toe, New Jersey
Donta Taylor, California
David Coborubio, California
William Charbonneau, flordia
Elias Portillo, Texas
Brandon Coles, Virginia
Marcelo Luna, California
Kole Knight, Wisconsin
Jorge Ceniceros, Arizona
Silivenusi Ravono, California
Joseph Weber, Kansas
Daniel Harris, North Carolina
Chad Irwin, California
Omer Ismail Ali, Washington
Larry Curtly Jr, Arizona
Kenney Watkins, California
Colby Friday, California
Sylville Smith, Wisconsin
Misty Reynolds, Florida
Jesus Carillo, Arizona
Dominic Rollice, Oklahoma
Ronal Smith, Ohio
Mary knowlton, Florida
Jesse Romero, California
Fred Barlow, California
Darnell Wicker, Kentucky
Marcus Sexton, Arkansas
William Bowers, California
Richard Swihart, California
Manuel De La Cruz, Texas
Limichael Shine, New jersey
John Casey, kentuckey
Paul O’Neal, illinois
Omar gonzalez, California
Jorge Moreno-Aguirre, Nevada
Donnell thompson Jr, California
Saddam trejeda-Campos, California
Michael Adams, tennessee
Devon Martes, louisiana
Dalvin hollins, Arizona
Humberto martinez, California
Anthony Edwards, Tennessee
Kaylee Sawyer, Oregon
Alvin Sylveremythe, New Mexico
Javier Gaona, California
Kevin Higgins, Wisconsin

I also printed out a map of the US and was keeping track with dots.

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