Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Project Progress/ What In the Hell Has Adela Been Up To?

Last week, we had chatted about Graham Rawle's graphic novel, "Woman's World" and how he had created a composite work of literary fiction using only fragments from lady magazines. His process was, within reason, similar to something I intend to experiment with while over the course of this semester. To present some physical work within this notion of creating stories from other stories, over the weekend, I scanned and copied random pages of books and magazines that I was/am currently reading, which I then cut and pasted to create a different sort of story. My goal was to be arbitrary in the process of creating this limited selection of text from which I would work with; I simply just opened the books up and scanned the pages I had landed, no oh-I-really-like-this-passage or wow-these-words-would-be-great-to-work-with sort agenda whatsoever. From there, I tried to create a personal narrative from passages and text that one wouldn't normally think of as, in any way shape or form, intimate. The pictures here show my process and final result of this actually not so quick experiment. It took about 4hrs just to physically create these two "pages" but that's mostly because I tried to make the words flow as naturally as I could, while abiding to the rules of grammar and what not; wanted them to flow like a novel, read like prose. Maybe I'll experiment more with breaking the norm and create something more akin the fragmented stream of consciousness. Currently planning on making more "finished pages", whatever that will mean in the near future, my desk is a minefield of cut up words at the moment. Stay tuned, more to come.

Also, side note: there's something really intriguing about how the paper looks with all the little cut outs here and there. Think I want to do something with this too, but I'm not sure of the direction in which I'd like to it to!!


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