Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wall Update

So since the wall is a WIP wall, I'd like to think I'm taking advantage of this notion by continuing to explore to possibilities of what I've chose to do. This all started because I liked how the backs of the pages from which I had cut out words looked like. There was something simple and crisp to 11 x 8.5 white sheet of paper with some chunks missing out of it; mostly because I had put a lot of thought into the front side, and the reverse was just a beautiful consequence. Will this phrase work with the other?  Do I like how these words sound with the others? This is how I was approaching the fronts of pages. In terms of the wall, started in the "center" and worked my way out, creating a sort of grid within a grid while simultaneously challenging said grids...? Honestly, I was just exploring and remembering (still am) that sometimes it's ok to just play with your mediums and materials- even if they're the remnants of some bigger project, or scrap pieces of papers. I wish we could keep this wall space all year long because it's been really refreshing to step away from my computer, my essays, my research projects, and just play with some paper, move things around.  Anywho here's what my wall space is looking like right now.

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