Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Wednesday 4 October
6:00   Taylor
6:30   Chase
7:00   Ziyi
7:30   Devon
8:00   Adela

reviewers : Colan, Hanscom (6:00pm only), Kahn, Savignano, Trahan

Thursday 5 October
6:00   Lauren
6:30   Britney
7:00   Alex
7:30   Elise
8:00   Li Yun
8:30   Katie

reviewers : Colan, Gagne, Kahn, Trahan (starts 7:30)

Reviewers (maybe should be called "discussants") :
Most recent thesis statements via full names at upper right. Click on first names (second list) to see all posts by that student.

Seminarians :
please send any updates to your thesis proposals to John, so that they can be added to your respective pages.

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