Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Seminar Work Update / Things I Should've Uploaded Like A Week Ago

As I mentioned in my last post, I had been working with a limited vocabulary approach in relation to the physical content of my exploration of stories. Using the books I had worked with when I was just cutting words and phrases from their respective xeroxed pages, I went in this time and did the physical damage, the unthinkable. Without any sort of rules, really, I tried to create different narratives than what the original words on the pages told. With The Gentleman From Indiana, I tried to create a fluid train of thought and transition. With How To Be Good, it was more about creating short, one pages mini stories- a solid statement per page not with no real connection to the next. Wanting to see the whole without the distraction or relationship to the new narratives' original context, I chose to type out the words and stories I had chose on blank paper. I chose to do this on a typewriter because god knows I would've spent an eternity forcing these words to collide with Helvetica. It would've been less about the words and more about the arbitrary design layout. This was all prior to the first panel review- the new direction of this process will be more rule driven, less oh-hey-I-really-like-how-these-words-are-strung-together-and-they-make-me-think-about-my-dead-cat-and-ex-boyfriend-so-I-should-make-something-out-of-them. Continuing this process with more dogmatic boundaries will still create new stories, but in a much different sort of fashion. Updates on this will be coming soon, but for how, here are a few example of what was I was talking about earlier in this post. 


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