Sunday, October 23, 2016


So I am currently working on a ruled based black out (limited vocabulary?) approach to George Orwell's 1984- its one of my favorite books so going at it like this was rough but necessary. Just providing examples currently of this looks like both in it's current messy physical form and also design wise, cleaned up. With the actual book, its harder to keep track of words once blacked out with sharpie, so I've also tried doing this with a high lighter. However, it doesn't have the same effect. The black black outs were much easier to handle in indesign where I could have multiple layers going on at the same time. I'm enjoying the side by side comparison of both the gritty and the crisp. Also, I decided to show both the black marks and the blacked out words themselves, separately. See pictures below. Oh and before I forget to mention, the current rule is black out every third word.

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  1. I have a suggestion (feel free to turn it down), but I was thinking about it in class and didn't get the chance to say it. But what if you continued the process like this, using a rule for which words you keep, etc, but then you take the words you're left with and format them into a poem.

    Keep the words in the same order that the book has them in, but you choose where the line breaks. Because depending on where the line breaks, it can be read differently. And I think it would be interesting to see how you choose to do this. It'd also sort of have more of your hand in creating how the poetry is read.

    Again, you definitely don't have to do it if you don't want to. Just wanted to suggest it, because it might be interesting to see!


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