Monday, October 17, 2016

Showcased Interest

The idea came from  Flat x-II-D  Project combined with a link that Justin sent me ( called Hot Data by Grafik), I decided to go further and use the recording of my subjects, towards my dictation(thesis statement) by forming each subject answers into data .
This is just an experiment, but I think I need to find a better approach in explaining , how one should read the data...

What interested me in each subject question was their waveform. It made me question the subject answer, if it holds truths or if they were uncertain in their answer or rather uncomfortable with the question "Does color matter?". 


  1. interesting. waveforms! will study these carefully!

  2. my worry is that these are lovely to look at, but…

    what's the title? what argument are they components of?

    meanwhile, look at this
    — Racial identity is a biological nonsense, says Reith lecturer

    Philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah says race and nationality are social inventions being used to cause deadly divisions — for example.

    I'm always skeptical about beautiful info-graphics, but am open to being corrected, if there's something to be learned from them.

    help me, on that.

  3. fascinating (to me) —
    discussion of skin color at wikipedia entry for


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