Monday, October 10, 2016

eleven dimensions of flat

3F Hardie wall

there are 377 pushpins, 54 columns x 7 rows starting 5" from the top.
(would be 378, but a power receptable intruded where one would otherwise be located)
this is a 12-inch grid. pushpins are not in perfect alignment, but close.

each student is entitled to 4' x 7' 5".
it may be some that some will require less space, less square footage. in such cases, neighbors may take more space.

we can remove pushpins where they are in conflict with work on the wall.

as we discussed earlier, each person shall write a paragraph (or so) that describes and explains the work they have installed. I will make labels and possibly even a take-away brochure with all of the statements.

we will determine who goes where on Wednesday a.m.
be ready to go, at 8:30am, or even earlier. no one should be late, printing stuff out, etc.
we have work to do.

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