Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pedigree Chart

I made a pedigree chart for my class "The Family" at Endicott and I thought it would be a good thing to post in here, because it contains every person in my family going back to my grandparents' generation.

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  1. am thinking design
    good reference, but how would this be used as a design "lever," so to speak — a means to what end.
    what immediately comes to mind is an index.
    something like the front matter / index to Christien Meindertsma her Pig 05949; also Tan Lin's index to the most recent Maya Lin monograph, Topologies (2015).

    The Meindertsma book probably warrants close inspection. One can imagine a Chase book, mammoth in scale, that includes thumbnails of every page in selected photo album(s), and other material. The "reader" would go back and forth through the volume, learnings all kinds of stuff, about your family, about genetics, social mores, etc etc. — a rich and various volume, offering a rich and various experience.


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