Wednesday, November 9, 2016


My exhibition group and I have been busy getting everything squared away for our show. We're on the right track and we set up on 11/18. That being said, I had started to create pieces based on the fibonacci series, more specifically making a series on fibonacci packing found in plants, and I started to make it by hand where my mistakes became clearly visible. I liked this unpredictable outcome so I replicated it digitally found below.

In addition to this, I revisited my plans for how I want to set up my work in the show. I took my previous 2D pieces and created the challenge to arrange them with each other so they could make a larger 3D fractal without falling apart. Here is what I came up with.

The first 6 puzzle pieces are like the building blocks. Then, incorporating some of those principals came the next set. 

I plan to have each set of six with the larger rendered image. From here I want to see if I can make at least one more with the remaining pieces, and it will be even larger. I want to set it up this way because visually I think it's easier to see how the 2D pieces compliment the larger image.

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