Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Readings for Class (wip)

Just jotting down some ideas for what I'd like to present to the class and have them read. I've haven't really narrowed anything down to a science yet, and there's still some readings that I haven't added to this list yet. Ultimately, this list so far is a synopsis of the written language- its visual elements and rhetoric, the significance of structure, the lack of variety, the beauty of vocabulary, the generational gaps and change in style, the basic principals of George Orwell's Newspeak, a brief history of basic English, and also just examples of poetry and other writings that have aided me in the seminar process thus far. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL LIST.

Sounding East Volume 37 Spring 2015
    Jim Daniels “The Statue of Limitations”
    Jim Daniels “Painting The Political Landscape”
    Ken Haas “Piccadilly”
    Mike James “Poem With Iron And Asphalt” **
    Bob Sykora “Philosophy 101: Being Human” **
        -boring old teacher full of marvelous stories that nobody knew about until he died
    Clay Ventre “Muriel’s Goodbye”
        -interesting approach to writing poetry with all those dashes
    Jacqueline Kolosov “Song For The Coming Of Spring”

Five Conversations on Graphic Design and Creative Writing
by Maura Frana, Leigh Mignogna, Liz Seibert
    “How Do Words And Language Influence Design Work?”

A Short Guide To Basic English by C. K. Ogden **

1984 by George Orwell
    Chapter 5, in which Winston meets with his “friends” Syme and Parsons and they discuss Newspeak and Duckspeak. This chapter highlights on the notion of elimination and speaking without even thinking 

Page 1: Great Expectations / Seventy Graphic Solutions
    Jonathan Barnbrook pg. 118-121
    Cartlidge Levene pg. 122-125
    Susanne Dechant pg. 126-129**
    Experimental Jetset pg. 142-145**

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