Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I was inspired to make a prototype for how I would like my swatch book to be displayed. I found really cool packaging for earrings at a store Madewell and wanted to recreate the packaging on a larger scale. I measured each section of the box and recreated a flat 2D model of it on the computer. Then I scaled the box larger to my desired size. I used a thicker cardstock and transparent paper to achieve the look that I wanted. On the inside will be pieces of fabric backed with a piece of cardstock which will give the information of how that piece of fabric was created. 

I would still like the size of the box to be larger in scale. And the paper that will be used is going to be recycled cardstock 100lb. 

The thought of using the transparency is so that the color of the fabric on the inside will be able to be seen through. The use of the logo may change as well as the type on the front. I would like similar packaging with the use of transparency and box shape to be used for other products as well 
(tshirts - set of 3).

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  1. I really like that you're thinking about the packaging of this! And it's looking really cool!

    Are you considering making it in other colors than just white? Or do you think you'll stick with white? Just curious!

    Also, not saying this is a bad thing, but it reminds me of one of the older IPods! Cause of the shape of the window and the logo in it. For some reason makes me think of that. This isn't a bad thing! Just something I associate with when I look at it.

    Would definitely be really cool to see similar for t-shirts and such, because I feel like usually t-shirts aren't packaged often (sometimes are, but not usually). So I think it adds a really cool element to it. It might entice me to buy your product over another as well, because I would look at that and see that you/your company went so far as to think about the packaging as well.


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