Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Having chosen Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog as my source in learning the art of sentence diagramming and Georges Perec’s Species of Spaces as another source of how different print formats can be applied and contribute to a content in graphic design. Below is an on expansion of the type and blank space in a visually diagram format.

Questions to ask ?

What/ who inspired you into becoming a chef?
What are some of your favorite flavor combination?
The Kitchen is known to be busy, fast-paced, often stressful environment. How do you cope?
What is your top favorite dish? Why?
What technique was most important in preparing ( this sample dish)?
What made you select this sample dish for the interview?
How do you manage your time when receiving multiple orders at once?
Does you passion for cooking continue outside the realm of your workstation?
Do you get a chance to cook for yourself?
What do you love most about your job/cooking?
Does your food tell a story through the flavors you put in?
What type of dish did you grow up eating as a child?
How do you prepare this dish?
How did you come up with such an ideal/combination?
What inspire you to create such an ideal?

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  1. This work is really pleasing to look at! I really love the colors and the way your playing with the layouts and such!


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