Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Really need some suggestion for the title

Now I really need some suggestion for my art show. I am struggling in give a title for my show, I do have some thoughts, but not sure which one is better.

1. Chinese women through out the years
2. Historical changes in Chinese women
3. Being a women in China
4. Traditional VS Modern-Chinese women

Also, I am afraid of making grammar mistakes. So I really need some help here.


  1. My vote is on 'Chinese Women Throughout the Years' but not sure what everyone else thinks! I just think it makes sense, and for some reason to me it sounds more like a study of the changes in women in China more so than some of the others. But that's just my opinion!

  2. I think we concluded something like, Chinese characters followed (same line, or line below) their translation, to something like : Women's lives in China, changes through the years
    emphasizing "lives" and also the Chinese characters.


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