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Welcome to workwerks16, our blog / alternative meeting and presentation space for Fall 2016.

The course blog is a convenient way of seeking visual work and references. It is also a means to record progress throughout the semester, and makes it much easier to produce the process (documentation) book that is a requirement of the course. The blog is not however the only way to present work: physical examples, paper sketches, etc., are always welcome. Indeed, some work will best be presented in physical form.

All seminarians — and some others, including design faculty — will be invited to participate as blog authors. When you post, please be sure to "label" your post with your first name (and please be consistent about it). This post, for example, is labeled john. This makes it easy to see all of one individual's posts, in order

The directory of designers at right leads to your respective proposals (initial and subsequent revisions).

The list of resources will lengthen over the course of the semester; I note in particular pinboard, where I bookmark design (and seminar) related links as they come into view.

to begin with

Our first day, please bring in (and e-mail me ahead of time! if you have not already done so in the last week or two) your updated/revised proposals. We will be discussing these, as well as the objectives and expectations of the class, e.g., attendance, volume of work, process documentation; and some scheduling issues, i.e., guest designer, faculty panel reviews.

Making things will be part of the exploration process, particularly for those in the first semester of Seminar. The appropriate volume will depend on the person and the project, but for some, one completed "thing" each week may be a good way to start.

Each of the seminarians is (or will be) an expert in her/his area of inquiry and design. At some point, each of you will assign and lead a discussion of reading on that area.

looking ahead

Joel Markus
28 September.
motion design, titles, identity, print, etc.

others TBA

Several visiting artists are working in veins pertaining to projects in seminar this semester, including Liz Collins (traditional textiles used in non-traditional art objects), Maria Molteni (socially engaged multimedia and performing artist), and Sarah Hulsey (letterpress printing, language, etc.). Be sure to study the Visiting Artist Program brochure, and the gallery and public programs schedules.

We will schedule two, and perhaps three sets of design panel reviews, typically in evenings. These will likely be late September, early November, and near or at the end of the semester (during the semester-end evaluations, for students continuing on in the Spring). Panels are made up of design instructors, and occasionally others.

We have been assigned the third-floor hallspace walls in Hardie, during the period October 12-25 (which coincides with a Fall "Open House" admissions event). We may either curate something, or show work in progress. We will decide as a group.


This is important. It covers your process, reading, thinking, prototypes, etc. It is an opportunity to share and reflect, and also for students in later years to look over your shoulder, as it were. We maintain process books going back to around 2001, and a few earier than that. See the online directory, recently updated.

work space

Seven work tables are available in the studio area behind the Seminar room; also located in that area are two machines and a color (letter) printer.

Please contact Stacy Thomas-Vickory at if you are interested in the limited studio spaces in 301 Cabot, or in the Bank Building.

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